Sean McCarthy

Senior Instructor & Owner Kickboxkarate Martial Arts

Instructor: Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy is an accomplished Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer specializing in Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing, boasting over two decades of experience in training. He is a distinguished member of the Great Britain World Association of Kickboxing Organization Team and has clinched numerous British and international titles, including the prestigious WAKO Pro World Champion title. Throughout his career, Sean has represented esteemed Martial Arts Teams such as WAKO Great Britain Team, Team SWAT, Team Adidas UK, Team SAP UK, and Team Wolf Pack UK.

Sean embarked on his Martial Arts journey at the tender age of 7, swiftly immersing himself in competitions across the UK and later expanding his horizons internationally. With a remarkable track record of victories in national and international events, Sean transitioned to teaching at age 18, founding Kickboxkarate Martial Arts with the aim of imparting his wealth of knowledge to others. Over the years, his club has flourished, producing talented students who have clinched British Championships and even World Championships.

In 2012, Sean suffered the loss of his mentor and close friend, Instructor Tony Cashman, whose profound influence shaped Sean's journey significantly, molding him into the person he is today.


- 4th Dan Black Belt, The Sports Karate Federation
- WAKO GB Team member and Insured/Licensed Instructor
- Public Liability up to £5m and Professional Indemnity up to £2m
- Personal Trainer Level 3, Premier Personal Training
- A-level in Physical Education and Sport
- Sports Coach UK certifications: Video and Analysis, Community Sports Leaders Award
- Lifesavers Institute Of Qualified Lifeguards Qualification
- First Aid certifications: First Aid at Work, Myosis First Aid in Sport, St John's First Aid

Major Achievements:

- WAKO Pro -63kg World Champion (2009)
- Multiple-time WAKO British Champion and GB Team member
- Victories in various WAKO European Tournaments and prestigious events like the US Open and Amerikick
- Coaching students to remarkable achievements including WAKO JR World Champion, WAKO SR World Silver & Bronze medalists, and WAKO European Silver & Bronze medalists.

Additional Achievements:

- Mole Valley Sports Personality Winner
- Mole Valley Youth Showcase Award Winner: Youth Professional Award
- Inducted into the Superleague Hall of Fame
- Featured in Combat magazine and Martial Arts Illustrated magazine
- Appearances on BBC Blue Peter, Saturday Night Live at the London Palladium, Thames News, and Combat32 Fight night

Sean’s Quotes:

“Every path must build a way, every step must be small, every fall must be overcome, everything must matter, only then can you say that in every way you are getting better.”

“Believe in what you teach and others will believe it too.”

“Why do we do our sport? It’s not the winning or the losing, it’s not the training or the sport, and it’s not the good times or the hard times. I do feel these contribute to why us athletes do our sport but I feel the real reason why we really do it is the competition the pure exhaustion you put your body through for that one focus in our lives that one goal this is why we do it and then I ask what do we gain from this? Imagine you have trained so hard mentally and physically that you suddenly reach that moment when winning does not matter any more surely that is a gain in itself. We are athletes look upon this when times are hard when times are great this is you alike me competition is what makes us great.”

“Fighting is beautiful; it is an illustration of one’s thoughts therefore sweat is a physiological result of one’s passion, belief and ethics. At first glance there is only a winner or a loser. A true fighter is not made on the mat or in the spotlight, but in the commitment of their training. Fighting is not only about the number of punches thrown or the number of punches taken. It is the inner belief of one’s self.”

- To pass on my knowledge and experience to allow others to reach their potential.
- To better myself in every way of my life.
- To continue in Martial Arts until the day I die.