Kickboxing / Karate Class: Dorking, Brockham, Beare Green Dojo

Benefits of training at Kickboxkarate

You too can become a member and enjoy the benefits that Kickboxkarate Martial Arts can provide for you.


Practical and effective self defence all in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

How to do Martial Arts techniques with correct application.

New skills and how to train to improve them.

About discipline and respect and how to overcome adversity.

Develop and improve your...


Flexibility and body movement





Energy levels

Classes for:







Ages 3 to 65+

Training with Kickboxkarate

If you train with us, you’ll gain some new skills and some awesome friends.

No matter what your ability, everybody treats each other with respect, and everyone has fun.

We have a very successful club, covering all ages from 3 years up. We have tons of experience in dealing with a full range of ages and abilities, from total novice to World Champions. 

Alongside our regular classes, we also arrange a great range of seminars, workshops, and social events.

Class Types

KBK Mini Dragons

Pre-school Age 3 to 5 years old Parents / Guardians must attend to assist

KBK Dragons

Age 4 to 7 years old Beginners & Advanced

KBK Juniors

Age 8 to 12 years old Beginners & Advanced

KBK Seniors

Adults & Teens 13+ years Beginners & Advanced

KBK Family Class

All ages (4+) Beginners & Advanced

KBK Fight Club

Aimed at competitive fighting Beginners & Advanced

KBK Girls Can

All ages (4+) Beginners & Advanced

Kickboxkarate Martial Arts
Surrey Classes

This website will allow you to learn more about our kickboxing / karate classes at our Dorking, Brockham & Beare Green Dojo’s and we can help you receive the support and guidance from our role model instructors. Who are very passionate to help you achieve and gain self belief in your interest. Be it the physical benefits of martial arts training or the many rewards from our grading system.

Students in Kickboxkarate Dorking, Brockham & Beare Green clubs learn, train and feel the benefits that Freestyle Kickboxing / Karate can provide. You too can become a member make new friends and enjoy the benefits that Kickboxkarate Dorking, Horsham, Brockham & Beare Green classes can provide for you.

We have classes for children right up to adults. We have specific classes for beginners so each student can progress at their own level.

Our Instructors are some of the most professional and well trained in the country and are all First Aid qualified and DBS checked. All of the Instructors are fully insured under WAKO GB.

The Safeguarding Code
in Martial Arts

The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts recognises clubs or providers in England who have reached and maintain excellent safeguarding standards. Governing bodies, associations, organisations, franchisers and activity deliverers can work towards attaining recognition along with clubs and individual instructors, coaches and teachers outside of a club structure.