Grading to Green Belt

Practice Session

Date: Saturday 9th March 2024

Time: 3.00pm to 4.00pm Age 12 years & under

Students going to Green Belt

Venue: Brockham Village Hall, Brockham Green, Surrey, RH3 7JT 


Date: Sunday 17th March 2024

Time: 3.00pm to 4.00pm Age 12 years & under

Students going to Green Belt 

Venue: The Ashcombe School MAIN Hall, Ashcombe Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1LY

*Please note: The Grading Practice & Grading are different days & locations!

Grading Payment Deadline is: 5th March 2024

Pre booking closes...



Please arrive on time if you are late you will not be permitted to grade. Finish times are approximate times as certain aspects of the grading may take longer.

Spectators are allowed but there will be limited seating.

The Practice session is included in grading payment but is not compulsory in order to grade. 


Uniform Requirements: Full Uniform or KBK t-shirt, martial arts trousers & belt
Equipment Requirements: 
Grading to Red belt or any pre grades: No fixed equipment requirements but students should ideally have their own gloves.
Grading to Yellow belt: By this stage we would urge all students to have the full gear: Headguard, Gum Shield, Gloves, Shin Pads & Foot Pads. It’s important to state that students will lose marks if they do not have a Headguard, Gum shield or Gloves.
If you are Grading to Orange Belt & Above: It’s important to state that students will lose marks if they do not have the full gear: Headguard, Gum Shield, Gloves, Shin Pads & Foot Pads. 
We are noticing a large increase in very unsafe sparring equipment. We understand that there may be cheaper options available from other shops and suppliers however the majority of those alternatives are illegal and ultimately unsafe. They wont be able to be worn in gradings and we are finding parents / students  are then having to spend out twice in order to get the correct equipment for the future. Please make sure that you consult your instructor for suitability checks before buying from any third party. Anything on the KBK online shop is suitable for grading and competition.

Any equipment / uniform needed can be purchased via our online shop…

GRADING -6 TAG REQUIREMENTS: Each Junior & Dragon class student (all ages 12 years and under) will need to pass x6 sections before they can participate in a grading. They will be assessed at how well they can perform each aspect of the grading syllabus: Bag work & Fitness- White Tag / Punches- Brown Tag / Kicks- Green & Yellow Tag / Combinations- Red Tag / Self Defence & Sparring- Black Tag / Focus Mitts- Blue Tag. If they can perform the technique unaided, then they will be awarded a tag on their belt. If a student does not have 6 tags prior to a grading they can be assessed in the last 2 weeks of class and at the practice session in the run up to a grading on the remaining tags they are missing. They can also pick up a Tag at the Grading Practice session. So even if a student has 3 tags prior to booking in for a Grading there is still the opportunity to obtain the remaining tags. If a grading has been booked and the student is unable to gain 6 tags prior to the grading date, then we will refund the grading fee. Please be aware: Failure to have passed the 6 required tags will result in you not being able to grade on this occasion.